Residential Construction

At New Construction we have experience in a range of residential construction works. We specialize in residential works like tunneling, drainage, shaft construction, and pavement. This way, you know when you have a big construction project to handle, you can count on us. We are experts in effective and superior earthworks.

Be it digging foundations and excavations to drainage and trench work, we’ve got your construction needs covered. We have some of the most skilled and experienced workers who specialize in fast, safe and high quality groundwork. 

We pay special attention to your ideas and targets and we adjust and build according to your project’s requirement. 


The residential construction services we offer are:



We offer well-though and high performance shaft construction in the UK. We build our shafts with high quality materials for the safety and long life of your residential complex. We survey your project location and decide the best type of shaft for your specific residential property need. 



For your residential property, you can contact us for a wide range of tunneling requirement.

Right from maintaining structural integrity of the property above, to proposing the best fit size, we can provide expert guidance in tunnel construction in London

Our team of qualified experts has the resources and tools to carry out excavation and do a good job on tunnel construction in London 



We offer pavement construction services in the UK to give it a beautiful and organized look

Our skilled craftsmen ensure they construct the appropriate pavement that suits the property.



With us, you always receive the very best drainage services in London. Our highly experienced drainage experts have completed many projects over the years and work alongside building companies and prestigious suppliers. 


Underpinning Specialists

We are  Professional engineering and construction contractor.  Experienced London underpinning specialists. Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure . 

This involves a solid foundation made below ground level to support or strengthen a building.   


Asbestos Removal

We ensure strict safety procedures when removing asbestos inline with Health and Safety laws.  Book with us for a complete asbestos removal surveys., asbestos removal, collection & disposal services We are Professional and reliable.  


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