Our Services

New Construction is a name synonymous with superior quality and trustworthy earthworks, civil engineering and excavation. Our crew of experienced professionals have specialist competencies in residential construction in the UK and development works. 

Shaft construction


For commercial construction in the UK, a sturdy shaft is a great way to carry out underground construction. Be it for waste removal, for ventilation, or for workers’ access, our shaft construction in the UK can serve a variety of reasons and aid in your underground construction process. 

We also build shafts for big residential properties to access an underground structure. 

Tunnel construction


We have the specialists and the resources to execute all types of tunnel construction in London. For residential units or commercial construction here in the UK, proper tunneling ensures right pathways for underground access. 

Right from assessing the durability of the proposed underground tunnel, to carrying out excavation and delivering the right length and width of the tunnel, we can do it all and much more.

Drainage system construction


We build underground drainage systems to divert the flow of waste and water away from the property. The entire drainage construction abides by local municipal stipulation and meets expected outcomes. 

We work with construction companies to build long lasting and high performance drainage systems in the UK.

Pavement Constructions


Enhance the market value of your property by getting a pavement constructed at the right place. We have expertise in surface preparation, compaction, leveling, and joint construction for a great job of pavement construction in London

With our experience, we know the right mix of materials like concrete and right application of structural design for a great looking and long lasting pavement.



We are  Professional engineering and construction contractor.  Experienced London underpinning specialists. Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure . This involves a solid foundation made below ground level to support or strengthen a building.  

Asbestos removal


  We ensure strict safety procedures when removing asbestos inline with Health and Safety laws.  Book with us for a complete asbestos removal surveys., asbestos removal, collection & disposal services We are Professional and reliable. 

Be it construction, refurbishment, repair, development, or maintenance of shaft, tunnel, pavement or drainage, New Construction is a name you can rely on for superior quality civil engineering works in London.