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Welcome to New Construction Ltd

New Construction is your reliable civil engineering and earthworks partner. We have a broad range of service expertise to assist real estate construction and property building. We carry out the below key services for commercial construction in the UK 

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  1. Shaft construction
  2. Tunnel construction
  3. Drainage system construction
  4. Pavement Constructions
  5. Underpinning Specialists 
  6. Asbestos Removal

If you are carrying out residential construction in London and want these services carried out, we will be a good fit for your project.  

Why choose New Construction?

We have years of experience working on commercial and residential construction. This experience comes in handy to do a better job on the sensitive excavation and earthworks projects. We build underground and ground surface structures only after carefully analyzing various components like groundwater conditions, type of soil, and site waste disposal. Such attention to detail is what makes us the first name in civil engineering works in the UK.

We have access to all the equipment, machinery, and tools needed to carry out a professional work in constructing shafts, pavement, tunnel, or drainage systems. Be it crawler excavators or tunnel wheel loaders, we make use of the right equipment so that we can carry out a productive work and deliver on time and within the budget.

Our crew of qualified team members is one of the key reasons for our success on construction works in London. We possess the experience and know the safety drill to be adhered to when working in enclosed spaces. This way, we maintain the complete safety of our team members and work efficiently – hallmarks associated with professional experts in shafts, pavement, tunnel, or drainage systems construction.

We also carry out refurbishment, repair, and development works to prepare the area for your construction project. Trust us at New Construction to deliver exceptional results with our hands-on experience.  

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Tel: 0207 101 4157

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