New Construction Ltd.


At New Construction, we work with a variety of clients within the industrial and commercial sector. We carry out high quality civil engineering works for environmental, structural, transportation, urban, and utility contracts. We deal in end to end commercial construction covering everything from inception to completion. Be it large complex project or small civil engineering solutions for private clients, you can rely on our team to get the work done.

We provide cost effective solutions for all projects, large or small. That being said, we never compromise on quality of our service. We ensure every client we work for gets the best services from our skilled craftsmen.

The commercial works we specialize in are:


We know how important it is for a commercial property to have shafting for underground tunnels. We conceptualize, design, build and maintain shafts as a part of our skills in shaft construction in the UK.


We are experts in a wide range of commercial tunnel construction in London. We make sure to maintain the strength of the commercial property while we construct the tunnel below. Our craftsmen have the skills and resources to perform the excavation and deliver commendable results.


Proper drainage is the key to smooth functioning of any property. We do a good job at drainage system construction in the UK for commercial properties. The structures we build are not only systematic but also easy to clean from time to time.


Opting for pavement construction in London in a commercial property increases its visual appeal. At New Construction, we construct pavements in such a way that it is able to sustain the irregular climatic conditions here in the UK, thus increasing your property value.

   Interested to know more about our skills in commercial construction in the UK? Then connect with us and we will be happy to assist you.


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